<![CDATA[INNOVENTORS - Blog]]>Thu, 24 Dec 2015 14:52:35 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Running on roads is very dan´╗┐gerous]]>Thu, 22 Oct 2015 20:43:35 GMThttp://innoventors.weebly.com/blog/running-on-roads-is-very-dangerousRunning is the best cardiac exercise and also suggested by different fitness instructors. Running strengthens every muscles of our body. It helps to burn the extra fat, keep the muscles strong, energizes the entire body.

But what concerns me is people running on the hard pavement or roads which are not actually constructed for running. People do jogging/running on the roads, footpaths, pavements in garden, or some other place similar to it. As this surfaces are hard, the impact force that the ground applies is very high. Sometimes the magnitude of this impact force is as high as 7 times your body weight.

Such high amount of force acts on different joints from heel, knee and hip. On regular running over a long run might cause serious damage to this joints. Additionally to joints, even the spinal bones are also impacts and which might cause damage to your back.

Things to be considered to avoid such damages:
  1. Wear good sports running shoes which has sufficient amount of cushion in its sole so that the impact force gets damped and less magnitude of force is transmitted to your bones and muscles. Don't run bare-footed or without proper shoes.
  2. Avoid running on hard surfaces. Running on ground or specially designed track for joggers (having ground covered with sand/mud) should be used.
  3. When running on road, running on the each side of the road alternatively. This is because, roads are slopped a little to drain off the water. This slope is called banking of road. When you run on such banked roads, your legs get different amount of load transmitted. Thus running on only one side of the road might damage one leg very fast.
  4. If you start running early morning, or are not a regular runner; take a long warm up sessions like walking fast or stretching so that muscles get activated properly before they are stressed.